Hollywood does dance pt.1…

Kevin Bacon swinging in Footloose

A new wave of  films has taken over Hollywood. Dance film. After the all the old classics such as Footloose, Flashdance, Grease, Showgirls, Dirty Dancing etc. we now have a new generation of Hollywood does dance. Films such as The Company, Save the last dance, Shall we dance? Step Up, Step Up2;the streets, Step Up in 3D. Unfortunately most of them have the same vibe and use the same dance styles; ballet, hip hop, streetdance or ballroom. All dance styles that the general public is quite familiar with, and dance styles with a show quality to sell to big audiences. And now a new one is coming out; the thriller ballerina story, Black Swan .  We have to be patient and wait to see this one because it will only come to the UK on 11 February 2011. Here’s the trailer;

More and more dance is used in the media. TV programs, films and music videos are all using this art form to enhance or create something spectacular. Just a shame that the dance styles used find themselves  in a bit of a battle or survival of the fittest. Which dance style is the most popular and sells the best and most?

Briana Evigan in Step Up's finger biting rain dance routine

Even though some artists try to use contemporary in their work “the contemporary” always seems to suffer somewhat in the process of making the commercial video sell. A lot of people seem to think contemporary needs a bit of commercial sexy-ness to sell and so it becomes a mix; commercial-contemporary. Hmmm…nothing wrong with that. I think, if cleverly done, it could be very exciting, but the question I then have is; can call it contemporary or is a new dance style invented?

I think we will have to wait and see if Hollywood does contemporary. To be continued.

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