I value the arts!!

I Value the Arts Campaign – Background information

1. Who is running the campaign?

The National Campaign for the Arts (NCA). The NCA provides a voice for the arts world in all its diversity. It seeks to safeguard, promote and develop the arts and win public and political recognition for the importance of the arts as a key element in our national culture. The NCA receives no public funding and is financed through membership subscriptions and donations.

2. What is the campaign trying to achieve?

The campaign is trying to give a voice to people who value the arts in their community. We know there are a lot of them out there: it’s estimated that three-quarters of adults and even more children take part in the arts every year. Collectively they can be a powerful voice for audiences and participants.

3. Is the campaign all about fighting cuts?

The campaign is about empowering people to think about services in their communities and to support what they believe is in important to their communities. That support could be about volunteering or lobbying or even setting up their own programmes of arts activities. We’ve heard the Government messages about the ‘Big Society’ and we are encouraging those who care about the arts and culture to engage in the wider debate.

4. Is public money being used to support the campaign?

No. The NCA doesn’t receive public funding. This campaign has so far relied solely on the time and talent of individuals and organisations with small donations being made to cover costs such as website hosting. The major costs of website and database design and construction have been supplied pro bono by commercial organisations.

5. What do people get out of joining?

They’ll be part of a strong national voice of people who value the arts. They will receive useful information about plans for the arts nationally and in their local area with practical suggestions about how they can make a difference. We may also ask for their permission to seek their opinion when we want to undertake research for the arts.

6. How will it work?

Through capturing postcode information the campaign can send the most appropriate local information to signatories. Our database will be able to tell us which Local Authority people live in and how close they are to specific venues and organisations. The data will be held securely on the database (designed and built by one of the experts in holding arts data), and will not be used for anything else unless we have been given express permission.

For more information and to show you value the arts go the link here and show your support.

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