Things you HAVE TO see…

Christmas time is coming up and the theatre’s are filling up with season audiences. With so many dance shows, opera’s, theatre productions, exhibitions, films and musicals it’s sometimes hard to know where to go. You don’t want to miss that show that everyone talks about.

So here it is, an opportunity to share your HAVE TO see show this season!!!

Two of my HAVE TO see this season;

Jasmin Vardimon Р7734 at Sadlers Wells next week! Jasmin Vardimon is one of my favorite choreographers. Not only is her choreography stunning she always manages to come up with the most amazing visuals. New, innovative, fresh, human and confronting. Go see it!

Faeries – Will Tuckett at ROH in December! Just because you HAVE TO go and see a show at the Royal Opera House with Christmas. It’s the most wonderful combination of dance and puppets. Magic christmas faerie land and child friendly so a good family evening out!

Let me know what YOU think people HAVE TO see this season and leave a link of your choice of  show/performance+the reason why you think people HAVE TO go and see it, in the comment box below.

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2 Responses to Things you HAVE TO see…

  1. For me, definitely Jasmin, always so inspiring seeing what she comes up with. Danse macabre should be a good laugh too!

  2. Sarah Blog says:

    Danse Macabre on the 28th and 29th of November at Blackheath Halls. Get your tickets here;

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