A little blast from the past…

As the snow is falling down and covers London in a thick layer of white powder, all the trains are cancelled and delayed, the airports are closing down, midwives are taxied to the hospital in tractors and the people in Scotland can’t buy bread I snuggled up on the sofa on my day off. Heating on, cat wrapped up beside me cuppa tea on the table and some old DVD’s in the dvd player. It’s that time when you go through old stuff like photos and videos and look back on what you’ve done so far.

One of those I’d like to share with you is dance company Leine&Roebana based in Amsterdam. I worked with Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana as an apprentice and then became a freelance company member in several productions before moving to the UK in 2006. Two of the productions I was in, I found online (on this cold winter day) and I just have to share with you. I hadn’t seen it myself for a while and I just got so excited I had to post in on my blog and say; Thank you and I miss you to my lovely dance friends in The Dam.

A short blog post just to share a little blast from the past.

Please enjoy excerpts of TERTS  and BALLADS by Leine&Roebana.

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