Money money money….not so funny

And there they were; the long awaited for CUTS. As some may say; ‘The cuts are just not cutting it”. Many discussions and articles about how this came about. The ones that are being let ‘free’ into the world of struggling for survival (who soon may see that there is nothing much to struggle with). The ones that are being held in suspension with cuts in their budgets so big that even after keeping some budget the results of the cuts are detrimental anyway. And the ones that are celebrating. Recognition for hard work, a start of a long long journey of fighting to keep hold of what they just got. Right now a victory but time will tell….time doesn’t mean anything in this system. Ruthless cuts have been made also to those who have been around for a long time. Fighting for their place in this world and yet not recognised and slaughtered in the big pot of soup or whatever government makes of art because let’s be honest do they really know what they are actually talking about? Watch this video of Channel4 news and hold your breath (like I did) when Dr Steve Davies opens his mouth…

Luckily you can tell what side of the fence Jon Snow is on…It’s sad to think someone like Dr. Davies, who clearly doesn’t have any sense of art or creativity probably doesn’t even know what music is, has so much input in a discussion like this. To declare that people that don’t care for the arts should not be paying tax money to support the arts is just simply ridiculous. Ill informed and absolutely clueless when he says he feels the arts shouldn’t be supported by the government at all. Only by fundraising money from the people who want to support art, like we don’t do that already on top of the Art Council budgets just to be able to survive! Can you imagine what this world would look like if we would only support the things we’d want to support? It leaves me with just one question for Dr Davies; What about the millions being paid every month in council tax????? Think about that you T***

Want to tell Dr Davies how you feel? Join the facebook group Artists Against Dr Davies and write him and email with your thoughts.

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6 Responses to Money money money….not so funny

  1. Sarah Blog says:

    Brenda says:
    March 31, 2011 at 1:16 pm (Edit)

    Re Channel 4 interview re cuts with Sir Steve Davies

    How unbelievable was this self-opinionated & self-righteous individual’s comments. I don’t agree with war – so can I stop funding that with my taxes?



    • Sarah Blog says:

      Hi Brenda,

      I can only hope Sir Davies looks back at this horrible horrible display of self opinionated individual’s comments (as you so rightly put it) and thinks…”wow I should maybe read a book, listen to some music.” But one can only wonder what goes on in that shallow coconut of his.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. Sarah Blog says:

    Martin Collins says;
    Does Dr Davies have any concept of the notional and actual value the arts and culture gives people involved and to the wider society? The number of access programmes and the shear quantity and quality of this countries provision for participation, thanks to government support. The fact that, in part, the Olympic bid was secured by the cultural offer England has to present. How can anyone be so foolish, on a public platform such as Channel 4 News, so say that the state should not be funding the arts at all!..

  3. Giorgio says:

    …..well I don t like him for example therefore none of my money paid through taxes should go towards paying him.. or I don t like war, therefore, why did I also pay for it…. In Italy we have Berlusconi that speaks before thinking and here we have Dr Davies which is not much different, so tell me people: where the f*ck should I GO!!!!

  4. Sarah Blog says:

    To the Bahamas the people don’t pay tax there…

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