Another selection of dance-music-videos

Another selection of delightful bundles of creativeness. Music videos using dance they never get boring. This one below in particularly is a really beautiful example of using an edit to co- create a choreography on screen.

The famous Robbie Williams and his take on Alice in Wonderland. (Have you seen the Tim Burton film? If not YOU MISSED OUT! It is a fantastic trip back to childhood or a crazy ride for adults loving a bit of fantasy.) In this music video it’s not contemporary dance but beautifully executed ballet. The slightly less well hidden body double work in this fun little (big budget) video, a la Black Swan, makes it very entertaining.

One of my most favourite songs and videos is this one, Elephant Gun from Beirut. It’s choreography is so well planned out in the space and in play with the camera. It is as wholesome as a dance film could  be. It’s really fun to see how different choreographers take on the job to direct a camera and to make the choreography have that extra special thing by not just using the dance steps but using the choreography for the camera man to enhance whatever atmosphere they want to create for the video. I think this is one of my most favourite because it just seems to have done all of the above so cleverly.

There is nothing this woman can not do, it seems. And the hard work and determination show in her videos time and time again. Renewing herself and exploring new dance styles. Call it hip hop call it poppin’ and lockin’ call it whatever you want. In my opinion there is a certain amount of contemporary dance in this as much as it is mainstream pop. She surprises everytime and although I didn’t like the song this music video in combination with the song makes the whole thing (once again) into a cracking hit for Beyonce. YEAH WOMEN RULE!

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