Radio silence, over…

It has been a while since my last post and please accept my apologies for the radio silence but…it has been a very silent few weeks. The dance world was thrown upside down since the ACE cuts announcement and everybody has been taking the last few weeks to figure out what it means to them. I have spoken to dance companies, dance schools, teachers and freelance dancers and it seems like everyone is holding on to whatever they can to survive, fight and recover.

As a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher these are pretty hard times. And although the auditions are coming and going again since last month it seems like the whole world is a freelance dancer when you see the numbers of dancers looking for a job. Of course it has always been a ‘struggle’ or to put it less dramatic, irregular job existence for freelance dancers but lately it seems to have escalated into an endless search to find nothing on the other end.

Times like this challenge the creative minds of the dance world to dive in a little deeper (even deeper) in finding ways to survive. Or new ways to start off a new era. Trying to keep our heads above water and staying positive about an uncertain future.

New posts coming soon! Hopefully injecting a little bit of inspiration to those in need.

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