We are more!

A short blog on why we should protect culture in Europe… but hold on. Wait.  Do I really have to explain why? No didn’t think so. Please read on and check out the links I left below. It’s incredibly important to get your vote on this one and get behind the We Are More campaign. As the culture (not only in Europe) is more than important!

Europe wide campaign We Are More is set up by Culture Action Europe an advocacy and lobby organisation promoting arts and culture as a building block of the European project. Their aim to influence European policies for more and better access to culture across the continent.

‘Why the name we are more? we are more is a positive message that communicates the multiple ways in which individuals, communities and arts organisations do more, and contribute more than is superficially apparent. The EU is more than coal and steel, we need more than a single market, we are more than mere consumers. We are many organisations built up by individuals who value and act for culture in Europe. We are citizens, parents, arts organisations, lovers of culture, and active participants in society.’

‘The ultimate goal of the campaign is to contribute to a strengthened recognition of the role of arts and culture in the development of our European societies.’

You can find more information on the We Are More campaign website or the Facebook page. And to sign the We Are More Manifesto click here.

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