Dance films/videos

Suka (2007) made for 4Talent, Channel4, was part of Chisenhale TV Dinners and BBC’s Big Screen for Big Dance July 2010

Fancy Footwork (2007) a short documentary for the 4Talent website showing the making of and behind the scenes of Suka

I’m Out (2009) a short dance film was one of the winners of Cinedans 2009 One Minute Dance Film competition and part of dance on screen Xtend IV Festival 2010

Monument (2009) a winning entry for semi finals of the 14 Island Bahamas Film Challenge directed by Robin Schmidt and Gez Medinger

When I grow up (2010) filmed on The Heath in London, an experimental steady cam dance film exploring the possibilities of camera work for CANON by Robin Schmidt

Doubt (2010) also filmed on The Heath in London as part of exploring camera work for a presentation for CANON by Robin Schmidt

Interview with Sarah Linstra (2010) short documentary about dancefilm and the exploration of camera work as a choreographer, as part of the presentation for CANON by Robin Schmidt

NQANQA (not quite awake not quite asleep) (2011) a short dance film on the 60 seconds after the alarm goes off. The state in between still being asleep and slowly waking up. Also made into a 60 second version for the Danish Dansens Dage 60 second Dans film competion

Music video and promos;

Hot in that/Undercut (2007) directed by Robin Schmidt and part of E4 tv programme, E4 School of Performing Arts

Halcyon/Delphic (2009) directed by David Ma, Pulse Films

The Journey/Dolores O’Riordan (2009) directed by Robin Schmidt

ICC Cricket promo (2009) for worldwide international tv coverage of ICC cricket

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