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Suka originally was a stage performance, re worked into a dance film in 2007 on a sunday afternoon. Suka the dance film featured on the 4Talent, Channel4 website. And did very well in international dance film festivals.

I’m Out is a dance film edited from the same shoot as the Typewriter test commercial. It was edited into a 1minute dance film for the Cinedans One Minute Dance Film Competition. As 1 of the 14 winners I’m Out was screened at the Nederlandse Dans Dagen (Dutch Dance days) in 2009.

Monument – the ‘Fireflies’ edit from Robin Schmidt on Vimeo.

Monument was a semi finalist in the 14Island Bahama Film Challenge by director Robin Schmidt. Together with director Gez Medinger they created a one day shoot in an estate in London. Choreography by me, a really fun project even though we lost several hours in severe rainfall we managed to make a cracking film that is still going strong in many film competitions.


Interview with Sarah Linstra is a short documentary, dance film, stills piece shot in a couple of hours on Hampstead Heath as part of a presentation for Canon about the new XF305, by Robin Schmidt.

DOUBT – Canon 7D Dance Film from Robin Schmidt on Vimeo.

Doubt was one of the dance films shot on The Heath in London. As part of a dance film shoot experiment using different ways to film dance and use different camera’s.

WHEN I GROW UP – Dance Film 7D from Robin Schmidt on Vimeo.

When I Grown Up is the second film shot on The Heath in London. This was shot on a DSLR Canon 7D using the Steadicam Merlin.

Canon 7D with Steadicam Merlin (Tokina 11-16) (not tests) from Robin Schmidt on Vimeo.

More work on the Steadicam Merlin. The dancing bit is a rehearsal at GDA, 2010.

4 Responses to Dance films

  1. Drina says:

    Hey Sarah. I just wanted to say I think your work is amazing. I stumbled upon your site while looking for something else, and am very happy about it. You are able to highlight the unity and discontinuity of your body, parts and movements in a way that is truly captivating. Paired with the exploration of the camera gaze, your gaze and the relationship between all these and more is exciting. If I lived closer I would love to take a course or participate in a workshop with you.Thank you!

  2. Sarah Blog says:

    Hey Drina,

    Thank you for your lovely comment! Dance film is something that is truly truly interesting and inspiring to me. I don’t know where you are from but if you are ever around don’t hesitate to get in touch. There’s always a project or course going on, to be a part of!

  3. elena says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Loved your dance films and find your interview/ documentary very interesting. I’m a dancer myself and I’ve just recently started learning to make choreography for the camera, as well as filming and editing, and found myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of things there are to learn. It seems that you mostly collaborate with a filmmaker, did you ever try shooting a dance video yourself? Or is this something you don’t do? I wonder, if you usually know exactly what you want your film to look like before you start shooting it (with a filmmaker or on your own)? Or do you sometimes improvise with the camera to see what happens?
    Would appreciate if you could share any video dance links or resources that were useful for you.
    Many thanks in advance!

  4. Sarah Blog says:

    Hi Elena,

    Thank you for taking the time to watch my some of my work here on my blog. It’s true I work together with a film maker mostly. I have tried shooting dance film my self in the past but never in the way these dance films you have seen here. I like working with an experienced film maker and editor because it gives you a different perspective. When you make a choreography for film it’s mostly me who directs the film together with the camera man. But sometimes you set out a certain idea and then go with a theme or feeling and sort of choreograph the movement of the dance in the edit. I am interested in both methods and I think there are many more ways of going about it. It’s an exploration I am inspired by but I do agree with you it is sometimes overwhelming how much you can learn and do with this media. Improvising with the camera will teach you a lot and I’d say it probably a way to get to know what you like and what not. Resources for me are the people I work with so I have hands on advise and input from artists around me. I watched a lot of dance and films online and in the theatre and I still think live performances are the ones that spark off ideas about dancefilm ideas. The film maker I do a lot of work with is Robin Schmidt he has a blog himself; quite a few good links on there.
    Good luck and please send me some of your work!
    Thank you for your comments.

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